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Decreased property budgets have building owners and property managers frantically searching for Fort Collins metal roofing that requires less in repair costs and has a longer lifespan, increasing the time between repairs or replacements.

Through researching different styles and the various types of Fort Collins metal roofs, property managers should be able to give recommendations for the installation of new metal roof systems.

This is also a good idea for converting existing roofs into Fort Collins metal roofing systems.


Benefits of Fort Collins Metal Roofing

Primary galvanized steel sheet metal, when installed by a company that specializes in Fort Collins metal roofing, has demonstrated the ability to provide a lifespan of over 40 years on existing properties.

New coatings and protective systems allow new metal roofing panels to provide a lifespan of even longer.

Studies of life-cycle expenses has indicated that coupling more durable construction materials with decreased maintenance costs is more beneficial for the environment and also is a good business decision.


Fort Collins metal roofing also lends to sustainability.

The green evolution promotes re-use, recycling, using recyclable materials, and decreasing waste, which includes decreasing the waste which is associated with general roof replacements.


The materials used in Fort Collins metal roofing systems are generally made from recycled steel, and property managers are able to recycle the same materials at the end of its lifespan.

The installation also leaves you with decreased construction waste.

Also, the increased lifespan of Fort Collins metal roofing systems means decreased waste enters our landfills than with more traditional roofing systems.

Fort Collins metal roofing systems are applied with highly reflective coatings and installed with insulation and ventilation which can also can give drastic savings in energy costs.


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