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Provided you arrived here looking for the top rated Greeley siding company, we can help!

Siding installed by one of the best Greeley siding companies is like a protective shell for your home.

A shell that can add priceless amounts of aesthetic value and save you money on heating and cooling.

Quality siding, when done correctly by Greeley siding companies is highly durable and can withstand all of the weather challenges Colorado has to offer.

It’s resistant to impact damage, so the frequent hail storms we get are not a problem.

Maybe you have some youngsters who like to throw the ball around in the yard – good siding can take whatever the kids can dish out and still look great.

We can install various types of siding, but being one of the top rated siding companies in Greeley CO, we love installing the siding that can hold up to one of those nasty Colorado hail storms.

Quality siding is low maintenance so there’s very little you’re going to need to do in order to keep it looking new.


Siding Damage

Cracks or chips in your home's fiber cement or vinyl siding materials make up the most common forms of hail damage on your home or property.

Chips and dings are most easily seen when you are looking up from beneath your siding panel.

Metal or steel siding is susceptible to dents and dings from Colorado hailstones, no matter the size.

Hail damaged siding can occur in many different substrates, but metal siding is much more susceptible.


Fix Your Home's Siding After A Hailstorm

Weak hailstorms which leave your roof undamaged can still cause significant hail damage to siding, especially if it is aluminum.

When strong winds are a factor, even small hail can rack up a large expense.

Signs of oxidation on aluminum siding are common after a hailstorm in Colorado.

While most homeowners will look for easy ways of cleaning oxidation off of hail damaged siding, some will simply slap a coat of paint on the substrate.

However, signs of oxidation on your home's siding may be a sign that it could be nearing the end of it's lifespan and in need of being replaced.

If you are wondering how to test for oxidation on your hail damaged siding, wipe your hand along your siding and see if a chalky substance is left on your hand.

While you are doing this, if you also feel small indentations, dents, or divots, this may be a sign that it has received hits from hail and is not serving the protection to your home that is needed.

Try using a high-powered spotlight to search for indentations that may be hard to see with the naked eye.

Check in between your siding panels and look to see if there are any large gaps or uneven areas across multiple layers of your hail damaged siding.

Check for signs of bending or warping, which is typical in hail damaged vinyl siding.

Bent and warped siding is dramatically less efficient than undamaged siding on your home.

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Don’t Over Look Good Gutters

G utters aren’t glamorous. Most people know what gutters do. They drain the water that runs from your roof to a designated area. But, they don’t get enough attention. Quality gutters are a must have to protect your home. They must be properly installed and maintained. Gutters are important for several reasons. They stabilize the soil around the house by redirecting water. They avoid costly foundation problems from occurring. Gutters prevent flooding under the house and in basements. Erosion is prevented with properly placed gutters. Water damage to siding is prevented & water stains on brick and stone masonry is avoided. Settling and cracking on sidewalks and driveways is reduced, and exterior doors and garage overhead doors are preserved.

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