Metal Roofing In Denver

"Looking For Metal Roofing In Denver?"

If you have questions about metal roofing in Denver, we can help!

Metal roofing in Denver has become more and more common among homes, and also in all of Colorado.

The more common it gets, the more questions you might have.

There are many myths and misconceptions when discussing metal roofing in Denver.

Metal roofing in Denver has grown considerably from the time when it was most commonly found on the outbuildings of a farm.

The metal roofing of today can be found in a numerous colors and styles, such as wood, clay tile, slate and even traditional asphalt shingles.

In addition to the energy savings, metal roofing in Denver can come with manufacturer warranties of up to 50 years and can have the lifespan of around years!

If you are beginning your search for a new roof, a metal roof is a long lasting, energy-efficient alternative to the usual asphalt shingles that you may be used to.

Metal roofing in Denver reflects the powerful Colorado sun, which decreases the levels of heat penetrating your home.

A reflective roof will decrease peak cooling demand by approximately 10-15 percent, according to the Department of Energy.

This, in turn, translates to your home’s air conditioning system needing lower amounts energy to cool your house.


Here Are A Couple Myths Regarding Metal Roofing In Denver:


Metal Roofing In Denver Decreases Your Home's Resale Value

This Denver metal roofing myth is false!

Metal roofing in Denver is actually a great option to add value to your home.

Homes that are renovated with standing-seam metal roofing keeps approximately 85.9 % of costs nationally.


Metal Roofing In Denver Is Loud

This Denver metal roofing myth is also false!

Generally, metal roofing in Denver is actually more silent than your traditional asphalt shingle roof.

Metal roofs in Denver are usually placed with high-tech sheathing used as an underlayment, which dramatically reduces the noise level in your home.


Metal Roofing In Denver Will Attract Lightning

Another false myth busted!

Having a metal roof in Denver installed does not increase the chances of a lightning strike.

You should keep in mind that lightning finds the highest object to strike.

Even if the lightning did strike your metal roof in Denver, the strike's energy would be spread throughout your entire home.


Is Metal Roofing In Denver Best For Your Home?

Now that you are a bit more familiar with this type of roof, has your opinion on metal roofing in Denver changed?

If you would like to learn more about metal roofs in general or metal roofs in Denver, feel free to call your local metal roofing contractor at 4 Corners Exteriors.


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