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Commercial and residential metal roofing in Longmont has become one of the most prevalent new roofing methods in the Longmont, Colorado area, and even in the entire United States.

Metal substrates offer an increased durability in hazardous Colorado weather.

More often than ever, property owners and are deciding to go with metal roofing in Longmont due to the incredible benefits it has to present.

Metal roofs are most commonly installed on single-family structures such as bungalows, cottages, or ranch-homes, along with many styles of commercial buildings.

Residential metal roofing in Longmont may come in at a higher initial expense traditional roofs with asphalt shingles due to the fact that metal simply has a higher raw cost.

When you are getting set up for a new roof, it would benefit you to consider metal roofing as a viable option as the chances of it failing are greatly decreased.

Contrary to what you may think, a system made of metal roofing in Longmont actually weighs less than an asphalt shingle roof, which can help take some of the structural stress off of your home.

If you are beginning to wonder about design, style, and colors, don't get too worried because metal roofing in Longmont offers you with numerous choices.

You can have your pick from smooth or textured metal in a wide array of colors, or you could go with a vintage or rustic appearance, such as copper tile.

Say you want to keep the look of asphalt shingles but want the reliability of metal roofing in Longmont.

Still no reason to fear! This is because metal roofing in Longmont comes in various traditional looks, such as cedar-shake shingle, slate, or virtually any wood style.

You could even use a handful of colors for a look that's all yours.

An experienced roofer that specializes in metal roofing in Longmont will definitely be able to assist you in creating a personal appearance for your metal roof.


The advantages of commercial or residential metal roofing in Longmont outweigh any disadvantages.

And to be completely honest, you will find little evidence of anything that can go wrong with residential metal roofing.


Here are a few benefits of metal roofing in Longmont:

-Many manufacturers offer a 50 year warranty

-Metal roofing in Longmont can withstand wind, hail, and heavy snow



-Reflects rays from the sun which substantially decreases solar heat gain

-Not effected by insects, mildew, or material rot

-Little to no maintenance needed

-Easy to be installed by a company specializing in metal roofing in Longmont

-Durable and long-lasting

What are you waiting for? Whether it is commercial or residential metal roofing in Longmont, we have you covered!

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    • Vents & Roof Ventilation
    • Metal Panel
    • Metal Shingles

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