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The largest hurdle that homeowners meet when looking to repair or replace the roof on their home is weeding through all of the roofing companies in Fort Collins.

Following a harmful Colorado hail storm, life needs to get back to normal, which means you should leave your roof to the experts.

However, this doesn’t mean you should just go with the first roofing company that comes knocking on your door.

Finding a company that specializes in roofing in Fort Collins, Colorado but also one that is is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and experienced may sound like a large task, and that's where we come in.


As a top rated roofing company in Fort Collins, we take pride in being transparent with our fellow Colorado residents.

This is why we have compiled a short list for you, the homeowner, to help you in such a tiring process.


Look at Manufacturer Classifications

Manufacturer classifications are viewed as a badge of honor among roofing companies in Fort Collins CO because there are requirements that must be passed in order to become certified by a manufacturer.

Check out our designated manufacturers on our home page to see who we like to work with.


Research The Fort Collins Roofing Companies
On Better Business Bureau

Some Fort Collins roofing contractors show up immediately after a strong Colorado storm inquiring about your roof, so it’s imperative to research the roofing companies in Fort Collins on the Better Business Bureau website ( and look into their ratings and reviews.

Steer clear of roofing companies in Fort Collins who you can not find on the BBB website.


Ask the Roofing Company in Fort Collins for Proof of Insurance

Your roofing contractor in Fort Collins needs to have proper insurance for each employee and sub-contractor.

The inability to provide proper coverage could eventually lead to legal issues between a roofing company in Fort Collins and you as the homeowner if a sub-contractor or employee is injured on your property.

The majority of states, including Colorado, require contractors to be licensed.

However, this doesn't keep roofing contractors in Fort Collins from performing roofing projects.

Make sure that your roofing company in Fort Collins is able to provide you with their license for the community in which you live.


Take Care of Your Deductible Yourself

Any roofing company in Fort Collins who claims they can take on the replacement or repair of your roof without having you pay your insurance deductible is taking part insurance fraud and placing the same liability on you as the homeowner.

Your insurance deductible is your responsibility, and the estimate given to you by any roofing companies in Fort Collins should never be inflated to include payment of your deductible.


Watch Out for Constant Pressure

Be weary of a roofing company in Fort Collins who constantly pressures you to lock into a contract before your insurance provider estimates the damage to your home.

Some salesmen say that they are able to work with anything that your insurance company says, but you as the homeowner should be sure that it isn't just some random amount being tossed out by your roofing contractor in Fort Collins.

The right roofing company in Fort Collins should completely inspect the home and make sure that your insurance estimator doesn’t overlook potential damaged areas.


Ask Your Roofing Company in Fort Collins for Choices in Materials

A roofing contractor in Fort Collins that doesn't offer you multiple options for shingles does not have your best interests in mind.

The market value of your home can be drastically altered by the style/color of shingle on your roof.

If your insurance provider is covering the cost for your new roof, it is the best time to speak with a roofing company in Fort Collins about an upgrade to a shingle that will add value to your home that you can recoup when you decide to sell.

Ask one of the many roofing companies in Fort Collins for your style choices that they offer, and then for their personal recommendation.

We at 4 Corners Exteriors are proud to cover all of these bases and be a top rated roofing company in Fort Collins CO, and are ready to serve you!

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