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Even though you can't completely determine the extent of a hail damaged roof from the ground, there are several signs that an experienced set of eyes can see which will help you figure out if there is damage on the actual roof.

Seeing one or more of these may be a sign that you as the homeowner need to have your roof replaced as opposed to a simple roof repair.

Here is a short list of things to look for in a roof hail inspection:


1 – Look For Gutters & Downspouts That Are Dented

While this may not always be a telltale indicator of roof hail damage, if there is significant hail damage to the actual roof, the gutters or downspouts will also show signs of hail damage.


2 – Signs Of Hail Impact To The Window Casings & Siding

You as the homeowner can also inspect their siding and window casings for small dents around the windows.

If there is damage to these areas, it is likely that there is also hail damage to the roof of the home.

Also, be sure to inspect other metal surfaces, such as the fascia on the roof, for indicators of impact from hail, no matter how small.


3 – Check For Signs Of Hail Damage To Air Conditioner Units

It’s imperative to inspect each area surrounding the home for signs of hail damage.

We’ve discussed the roof, gutters/downspouts and siding, but one area that homeowners often forget to inspect is the air conditioner.

What many homeowners don't realize is that in addition to a hail damaged roof, a hail-damaged air conditioner may qualify to be replaced by your insurance company.

As a homeowner, part of the responsibility falls on you to make sure your adjuster keeps track of everything that was damaged on your home or property.

This could include your shed, patio cover, porch, back deck, or anything that is covered under your insurance policy.


4 – Check For Hail Damage To Your Deck Or Other Painted Areas

Your deck and any other surface that is painted around your home could have taken hail damage too.

If you notice paint that is chipped on your siding or other painted surfaces, it could be due to hail stones.

Last but certainly not least… Let’s hop up on your roof!


Hail Damage To Your Vents And Shingles

As soon as you are on top of your roof, there’s going to be a handful of signs to search for.

Parts of your roof such as vents, sky lights, chimney covers, and the shingles are on your inspection list.

Inspect all of your roof vents and metal features to look for signs of hail.

These signs include dents, dings, and chipped surfaces.


The final, but most imperative element to inspect is the shingles.

Hail damage to the shingles on your roof are what gets your roof bought.

You won't get a decent insurance claim without hail damage to the actual shingles.


How To Spot Hail Damage On Shingles?

Hail damage to shingles can be easy spot or hard to discover.

It generally takes an experienced contractor to spot hail damage in shingles.

How big of a problem is it if a few granules come loose??

It could mean there's a hole in your roof!

You would be shocked at the little force required to knock the surface granules loose from a shingle.

When this happens, the integrity of your shingle has been compromised, and it will eventually turn into a major leak.

Even the smallest hail impact on a shingle can lead to a roof leak.

As a homeowner, it is not your responsibility to jump up on your roof and determine if there is roof hail damage.

Call a licensed contractor who offers free hail damage inspections.

Our consulting team at 4 Corners Exteriors always offers free, no-pressure inspections on your hail damaged roof.

If you think that there may be any chance of roof hail damage or hail damaged shingles, don't wait until it's too late.

Call the top rated hail team in Northern Colorado for your free inspection: (970) 330-5900

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