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Siding and gutters are two very important components of your home's or business's defense system against the elements and wear and tear. They're essentially key parts of a larger protective shell. Here at 4 Corners Exteriors, we are expert exterior siding contractors who understand how crucial siding is at keeping out pests, regulating indoor temperature, and providing protection from storms. We also understand gutters' key role in protecting your home or business from water damage, we keep this in mind during all siding installation and repair appointments.

While siding and gutters protect your structure from wear and tear, it's easy to forget that these defensive features also see their own wear and tear and must be maintained and sometimes even replaced.

Quality siding, when done correctly by a reputable exterior siding contractor, is highly durable and can withstand all of the weather challenges we come to expect in Colorado. It’s resistant to impact damage, so the frequent hail storms we get are not a problem. Maybe you have some youngsters who like to throw the ball around in the yard? Good siding can take whatever the kids can dish at it and still look great.

Being from Northern Colorado ourselves, we're very familiar with the architectural and siding needs of the homes and businesses located in Loveland and the surrounding area. We are exterior siding contractors that can help you find the perfect siding material or gutter system without breaking the bank.

Siding oxidation after a hailstorm?

Signs of oxidation on aluminum siding are common after a hailstorm in Colorado. While most homeowners will look for easy ways to clean oxidation off hail damaged siding, some will simply slap a coat of paint on and call it a day!

However, signs of oxidation on your home's siding may be a sign that it's nearing the end of its lifespan and will need to be replaced soon.

Wondering how to test for oxidation on your hail damaged siding? Wipe your hand along the siding and see if a chalky substance is left on your hand. If you also feel small indentations, dents, or divots, this may be a sign that it has received hits from hail and is not offering your home the protection it needs.

You can use a bright spotlight or flashlight to search for indentations that may be hard to see with the naked eye. Check in between your siding panels and look to see if there are any large gaps or uneven areas across multiple layers of your hail damaged siding, too.

All of these items, and more, are inspection elements our Loveland siding replacement company can provide for you to guarantee peace of mind.

Suspect siding damage?

Chips and dings are most easily seen when you are looking up from beneath your siding panel. Cracks or chips in your home's fiber cement or vinyl siding materials make up the most common forms of hail-damage on your home or property.

Metal or steel siding is susceptible to dents and dings from Colorado hailstones, no matter the size. Hail-damaged siding can occur in many different substrates, but metal siding is much more susceptible.

If you discover damage to your siding, or suspect damage and want a second opinion, call an exterior siding contractor like 4 Corners Exteriors. Our siding replacement company in Loveland is thorough and efficient and will take the time to talk you through what we find and what your options are from there.

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