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Exterior paint provides a crucial line of defense when it comes to protecting your Northern Colorado home or business against the elements.

Here at 4 Corners Exteriors, our painting contractors uphold a standard of excellence on every job we do. We know your Loveland property is more than just a building — it's your house or business in need of  painting. It's your source of safety, your source of revenue, and an investment you'd probably like to see a return on when/if the time comes.

One of the biggest keys to the longevity of any building – whether it's a residential home or business – is maintaining its paint. And when a contractor has done the job right, it can save you a lot of money and hassle in the long run. That's why we get the job done correctly the first time, and our contractors give you results that make a difference.

We typically break down a house or commercial project into three main phases: preparation, painting the exterior body, and trim painting. Most often, it's the preparation work and the quality of the paint that's going to truly dictate the life of the paint job. With Colorado's harsh weather, ensuring these two components are done correctly is of the utmost importance to our contractors. We happily provide free quotes and estimates to help you make educated decisions towards protecting the exterior of your home or business. Did you know that our contractors can even help with your gutters while we're at it? Ask us how!

Paint maintenance needs unique to Colorado

Colorado’s harsh sun and fluctuating weather undoubtedly take a toll on your home or business' exterior paint, which means that painting the outside of your property may be required more frequently here than in other areas of the country!

Our contractor team of Loveland painters grew up here in Northern Colorado. We're all familiar with the elements and what it takes to make an exterior paint job last. Unlike a lot of paint companies, we spend most of our time doing the prep work. The prep work is what ensures our contractor's paint job will stand up to tough weather over many years.

  • Yearly hail storms test your property's exterior finish to the max, leaving your siding susceptible to water damage. Keeping up with painting extends the life of your property's siding.
  • Intense sun causes UV rays to react with the paint on your building. The result is a film left on your paint which needs to be treated before it can be repainted for the longest lasting results.
  • Drastic changes in temperature can cause exterior paint to crack, exposing the materials underneath to potential water damage. The longer this goes untreated, the more costly painting it could be down the road.

A better painting experience. Period.

We’ve been leading the field when it comes to residential and commercial painting in Loveland and the surrounding area for over a decade now. We're incredibly proud of the relationships we've built and the communities (and neighbors!) we've been able to serve over this time.

Our contractor's commitment to high-quality craftsmanship is what we are known for, but we know that isn't always enough. That's why we also warranty labor and materials on every job we perform, no matter the size as well as fully train, license, and insure every one of our painting contractors in Loveland. While we do everything we can to prevent an issue from happening in the first place, you can rest assured knowing that if something does happen, we'll be the first to step up, own the situation, and make it right.

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